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    Some of The Bizarre Things You See in Dreams

    Perhaps one of the most interesting and unknown things about dreaming is that we don’t know what we are dreaming most of the time. We dream in an abstract way, which makes it difficult to recall what we dream about after we wake up. The human brain cannot decipher the difference between what is real and what is unreal, so instead, it repeats things, imagines, and creates situations.  

    Some of The Bizarre Things You See in Dreams

    Whether you’re asleep or awake, your mind is constantly processing and creating thoughts. It’s no different when you’re asleep. Dreams can be some of the most bizarre experiences of our lives—you can see things that no one else has, and the things you see in your dreams are often very different from your daily life. Sometimes, though, your dreams can be downright surreal. This can range from bizarre creatures and creatures from fictional worlds to yourself in your underwear or a petite teen nude girl. Here are a few bizarre things you see in dreams. 

    Dreaming of being suffocated or smothered may imply some respiratory problems.

    If you’re someone that wakes up feeling hot and bothered, it may be because your dream was about smothering someone. Dreaming about being smothered often means feeling restrained or trapped, and there may be an underlying physical issue. The suffocating feeling can reflect the feeling that your lungs aren’t working well. It can mean that something in your life, such as work or relationships, is making you feel suffocated. It could even relate to a recent physical ailment, like an infection, which can produce a similar sensation. Your breathing may be restricted, making it difficult to get a full night’s sleep. This could relate to respiratory problems, including sleep apnea. 

    Sleep paralysis is connected to ‘waking dreams’

    Have you ever dreamed of falling, but you don’t move when you hit the ground? This is called falling awake or sleep paralysis. It is sometimes known as “waking dreams” because, when the dream ends, you feel like you’re awake, even though you’ve physically been asleep. A sleep paralysis episode can feel like you are fully awake and conscious of the surroundings—but unable to move. With sleep paralysis, you experience hypnagogic hallucinations—video-like images that occur while falling asleep or dreaming. Normally such images aren’t scary or harmful, but in sleep paralysis, they become terrifying.

    If in your dreams your teeth fall out, that might be dental-related problems.

    One of the bizarre things you see in dreams is when your teeth fall out which might be connected to a dental problem. Another explanation is that dreams usually follow dreams about teeth falling out. These dreams occur when something is removed (often teeth) and are often associated with fear. Other explanation dreams include removal of a tumor, spotting of a lump, removal of a body part, and removal of a garment. 

    Your dreams might be a real-life fright rehearsal

    Remember your dreams? Most people tend to forget them within a few minutes, and if you go longer than a week, you probably don’t remember what you dreamed about either. But, there is a good reason why we forget our dreams—dreams are a form of learning. Dreams allow us to experience events without actually being there. If you’ve ever had a dream where you were being chased by a giant snake, it probably wasn’t a hallucination. 


    Dreaming is a neurological process, so certain neurological processes will activate when we sleep. One of those processes is REM sleep which occurs when people dream. We have all experienced dreams on some sort of level throughout our lives.