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    Our Famous Celebs in Chatham

    Chatham is a picturesque town in Massachusetts which many famous people, musicians, actors, singers and TV personalities have called it their home. Some have grown up there, some have lived briefly, but all of them have Chatham in their fond memories. In the recent years Chatham has been known as a retreat for many reach and famous people. They all choose to come from different reasons, some want to get some peace from the spotlight and others want to experience living in a different area. Among the many famous people that have lived in or nearby Chatham, the following are some of the most popular.

    Taylor Swift – the famous singer bought a house back in 2012. She lived briefly for a year and later sold it for a profit of around million dollars.

    John F. Kennedy – loved American president who had a private property on Cape Cod. He regularly visited the place for decades, enjoying the beauty and peaceful surroundings.

    Meg Ryan – one of the most popular US actresses lived in numerous rented homes in Cape Cod. She mostly spent her time in Falmouth, but interesting fact is that Meg Ryan`s father was long time a school teacher in Chatham.

    Dan Aykroyd – the famous comedian, actor, producer and screenwriter has lived in a house on Martha`s Vineyard for many years.

    Harry Connick, Jr. – this actor/singer and former American Idol judge has a summer home in Chatham that he regularly visits. Many people have seen Connick walking around town and interacting with ordinary people every summer.

    Tommy Hilfiger – the fashion designer has owned an estate in the area for the past thirty years. His mansion is full of great things, but after he got divorced the property was put on sale.

    The Farrelly Brothers – movie directors Bobby and Peter Farelly own several homes on the Cape. Besides directing, they are also known as former writers of the comedy show ‘Seinfeld’.

    Elin Hilderbrand – Hildebrand is a famous novel writer that has a home in Nantucket. Her novels have been frequently placed on New York Times bestseller lists and their storylines are mostly based in Nantucket.

    Carly Simon and James Taylor – this musical pair has lived on Martha`s Vineyard for almost a decade. The famous 70s couple split in the 80s, but Simon kept living on Martha`s Vineyard ever since.

    Robby Benson – Benson is another popular actor that performed during the 70s and 80s in the past century. He has stared alongside Paul Newman and was star in classic movies like ‘Ode to Billy Joe’ and ‘Ice Castles’. He has been living a quiet family life on Cape Cod and is often seen in the area. After retiring as an actor, Benson is now an author and has also released his memoirs back in 2012.

    These were the most famous people that have lived in and around Chatham. Besides these, there are many more other famous people that visit Chatham to enjoy the place and spend some time in rented properties.