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    Some of The Bizarre Things You See in Dreams

    Perhaps one of the most interesting and unknown things about dreaming is that we don’t know what we are dreaming most of the time. We dream in an abstract way, which makes it difficult to recall what we dream about after we wake up. The human brain cannot decipher the difference between what is real and what is unreal, so instead, it repeats things, imagines, and creates situations.  

    Some of The Bizarre Things You See in Dreams

    Whether you’re asleep or awake, your mind is constantly processing and creating thoughts. It’s no different when you’re asleep. Dreams can be some of the most bizarre experiences of our lives—you can see things that no one else has, and the things you see in your dreams are often very different from your daily life. Sometimes, though, your dreams can be downright surreal. This can range from bizarre creatures and creatures from fictional worlds to yourself in your underwear or a petite teen nude girl. Here are a few bizarre things you see in dreams. 

    Dreaming of being suffocated or smothered may imply some respiratory problems.

    If you’re someone that wakes up feeling hot and bothered, it may be because your dream was about smothering someone. Dreaming about being smothered often means feeling restrained or trapped, and there may be an underlying physical issue. The suffocating feeling can reflect the feeling that your lungs aren’t working well. It can mean that something in your life, such as work or relationships, is making you feel suffocated. It could even relate to a recent physical ailment, like an infection, which can produce a similar sensation. Your breathing may be restricted, making it difficult to get a full night’s sleep. This could relate to respiratory problems, including sleep apnea. 

    Sleep paralysis is connected to ‘waking dreams’

    Have you ever dreamed of falling, but you don’t move when you hit the ground? This is called falling awake or sleep paralysis. It is sometimes known as “waking dreams” because, when the dream ends, you feel like you’re awake, even though you’ve physically been asleep. A sleep paralysis episode can feel like you are fully awake and conscious of the surroundings—but unable to move. With sleep paralysis, you experience hypnagogic hallucinations—video-like images that occur while falling asleep or dreaming. Normally such images aren’t scary or harmful, but in sleep paralysis, they become terrifying.

    If in your dreams your teeth fall out, that might be dental-related problems.

    One of the bizarre things you see in dreams is when your teeth fall out which might be connected to a dental problem. Another explanation is that dreams usually follow dreams about teeth falling out. These dreams occur when something is removed (often teeth) and are often associated with fear. Other explanation dreams include removal of a tumor, spotting of a lump, removal of a body part, and removal of a garment. 

    Your dreams might be a real-life fright rehearsal

    Remember your dreams? Most people tend to forget them within a few minutes, and if you go longer than a week, you probably don’t remember what you dreamed about either. But, there is a good reason why we forget our dreams—dreams are a form of learning. Dreams allow us to experience events without actually being there. If you’ve ever had a dream where you were being chased by a giant snake, it probably wasn’t a hallucination. 


    Dreaming is a neurological process, so certain neurological processes will activate when we sleep. One of those processes is REM sleep which occurs when people dream. We have all experienced dreams on some sort of level throughout our lives. 

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    The Life of a Modern Day Photographer

    Living the life of a modern day photographer requires many sacrifices and hard work. Being a photographer is much more than just taking quality photos. The way their day looks depends a lot on whether they are wedding photographers, landscape photographers, studio photographers, and whether they are part of a team of photographers or work alone.

    How Day of a Photographer Looks Like

                Modern day photographers do not have a typical working time. Their job is not standard job that requires working from 9 to 5. Their photo shoots can be longer or shorter than that and every photoshoot is different. Every photography session is unique and requires a lot of work. They have busy lives and often don’t find themselves in a long term relationship. They use dating apps and hookup apps to find a relationship with no strings attached. If you are thinking about becoming a professional photographer then you need to be very disciplined, committed, flexible and motivated to succeed.

    Photoshoot Day        

                Photographers have to make and fix different things before starting their shoots. First they think about the lighting and how to properly adjust it, depending on whether they are working indoors or outdoors. They always carry spare batteries and memory cards because high quality photos usually take a lot of space on their cameras.

                After picking up the location for the photoshoot, photographers then have to properly set up their equipment and take all important things into consideration like the aperture and light before proceeding towards taking pictures. Sometimes photoshoots can last for many hours and that is not everything that is involved.

                When the photoshoot is over, photographers must backup everything in order not to accidentally lose something important. The post-production is also very demanding because photographers spend a lot of time to perfect the pictures, edit them and make them the best they can possibly be.

    Busy Life of Modern Day Photographers

             Photographers that work on their own have a lot of things to think about during their working days. They need to constantly check, read and answer emails and phone calls from potential and existing clients. They must handle reservations and schedules for different photoshoots and often have to plan things many weeks in advance. Issuing invoices, reminding clients for unpaid invoices and chasing new clients is also a part of their everyday life. Besides all that, photographers must constantly maintain their expensive photography equipment, properly clean it and service it when necessary.

                As we can conclude, the life of a modern day photographer is very busy and demanding. However, rewards can be great when they make excellent photoshoots and when they receive positive feedback from their satisfied clients. It can really pay off long-term, but in order to be a successful photographer you must be very persistent and keep trying until you reach perfection.

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    The Life of an Instagram Influencer

    Some people see Instagram simply as social media platform while others see it as a real job of which they can make significant amounts of money. However, becoming an influencer on Instagram and mixing pleasure with business requires doing some important things first. Not only things influencers post on the platform have to be fresh, but it also need to be authentic. Authentic things are very rare today as millions of people have already covered pretty much everything there is to cover online. Today more and more Instagrammers are going professional, but algorithms also change so they need to constantly adapt to the new and improved environment.

    How Popular Instagram Influencers Live Their Lives

                Instagram influencers regularly populate their accounts with glamorous photos of expensive outfits, exclusive vacations and their fulfilling lives. However, they also live with a lot of pressure on their shoulders as they have to maintain that perfect image 24/7 which can take significant psychological toll. Creating and maintaining such image was hard for many who have burned out in their desire to become influential.

                Instagram influencers always present their lives as beautiful, which is a strategy to attract brands that will be willing to sponsor them. You can view many influencers easily on the snapchat forum board called Teen Usernames. Influencers sometimes have to conceal and suppress their real feelings and thoughts about different brands if they want to strike a deal with them and promote them to their followers. Although most popular Instagram influencers usually align with those products and brands with which they share same values, some of them promote products they do not really like, but they do it anyways in exchange for money. Do not believe everything that you see at first.

                One thing that most Instagram influencers fear the most is being exposed as a fraud. Usually the accounts of influencers are overwhelmed with positive messages and comments, but sometimes there are discrediting comments made by people who open anonymous accounts just to damage them. This is something many Instagram influencers have to battle against on daily basis.

                What makes Instagram influencers so popular today is the fact that they do not limit themselves just to this specific social platform. They also branch out to other mediums where they put in just as many hours, hard work and effort to attract new followers. Younger influencers mostly rely on blogs and websites where they promote brands, while established and more experienced influencers partner up with magazines and fashion brands in order to broaden their followers.

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    About Another Place In Chatham Where to Hangout

    Chatham is a quaint, small-town located on the northern shores of Lake Ontario, in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula. Here, you can find a relaxed atmosphere, friendly people, a lovely waterfront, numerous attractions, and a beautiful landscape. You’ll find that Chatham is a great place to visit, with an active community, plenty of opportunities for recreation, and a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment venues. Be sure to make yourself at home and spend a few relaxing days out in the great outdoors.

    • Go to Kingston Park

    Kingston Park is a place in Chatham that is very popular because of the various places to go, like the park, playground, and many other places that make the place a great place to hang out. People who are going to Kingston Park have to go to the park first. The park is very large and has every type of thing that a person can need. Since it is very big, it has places for different sports or activities. From there, the park is very nice.

    • Visit to Chatham Capitol Theatre

    The Chatham Capitol Theatre is a historic theatre, built in 1923, located at 21 Main Street in Chatham, Ontario. It was built after the Chatham Opera House burned down in 1922. It has been a theatre since. Since 1927, it has been owned by the Chatham-Kent Cultural Foundation and is operated by the Chatham-Kent Cultural Foundation, a local not-for-profit corporation.

    • Try the Locked In Chatham Escape Rooms

    The Locked In Chatham Escape Rooms is a unique local experience. Not only do they offer an escape room game for up to 6 people in an hour, but they also offer daily experiences, like the “Bike Theft,” “The Pirate Treasure,” and “The Great Dinosaur Escape.” These daily experiences are available for both children and adults, and, differently from the escape room game, you don’t have to work alone. The Locked In series of escape rooms is based on real stories from people who have been locked in rooms. Each room is based on a real story from people who have been locked in rooms. The way you solve the puzzles will be based on what you hear and what you see. The room is also based on the person who was locked in the room and their story.

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    Festivals in Chatham

    The seaside town of Chatham is a beautiful place to visit in New England, US. It is home of a beautiful long beach and amazing lighthouse. It also has a vibrant downtown, many shopping and dining options, and there are numerous great events and festivals throughout the year. You would be surprised with the wide choice of festivals in the town and in the region, so no matter whether you want to experience Octoberfest, golf outing, food & wine festival or music festival – Chatham has it all. The following are some great festivals you can attend in Chatham, MA.

    • Chatham Annual Festival of the Arts. At this festival there are hundreds of local craftsmen and artists showing off their work in Chase Park in Chatham. Definitely one of the most popular festivals you can attend during the year.
    • Cape Cod Roots and Blues Festival. This festival is celebration of good music, beach culture and local community. The festival is held on the wonderful Nauset Beach, so great time is guaranteed.
    • Cape Cod Brew Festival. This annual festival attracts over hundred different American craft brewers. There are over three hundred different beer styles to taste as well some nice live music.
    • Pumpkin People in the Park. Another very interesting festival held in Kate Gould Park in Chatham. Merchants from Chatham area are preparing and showcasing some amazingly creative pumpkin displays.
    • Chatham Oktoberfest. Beer lovers and enthusiasts should definitely not miss this fantastic festival. All kinds of beers, food, entertainment options, games and other great stuff are available in Kate Gould Park in Chatham.
    • Wellfleet Oyster Fest. This festival is one of the largest on Cape Cod, attracting thousands of visitors each year. If you want to taste the famous oysters from the region then you should visit this festival. It lasts for two days and it combines food, music, art and fun. Tickets are very affordable and you would enjoy every minute of it.
    • Cape Symphony “Bach and Forth”. Cape Symphony Orchestra takes the stage and creates an evening you will never forget with classical music of famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach. If you are into classical music then this is an even you should not miss.
    • Annual Holiday Lighting of the Pilgrim Monument. This local tradition commemorates the first landing of Pilgrims in the new world. Admission is completely free, so visit the event and enjoy the program.
    • Chatham Christmas Stroll. This event features a weekend full of different activities, including the lighting of the Christmas tree in downtown Chatham.
    • New Year`s Eve – First Night Chatham. On New Year`s Eve and New Year`s Day there are over seventy musical performances, activities and events throughout Chatham. There is something nice for everybody, so make sure you check it out. The New Year`s Eve ends with beautiful fireworks over Stage Harbor in Chatham.

    These were just some popular festivals in and around Chatham, but there are plenty of others worth seeing. Pack your bags and visit Chatham for complete holiday experience.

  • Celebs

    Our Famous Celebs in Chatham

    Chatham is a picturesque town in Massachusetts which many famous people, musicians, actors, singers and TV personalities have called it their home. Some have grown up there, some have lived briefly, but all of them have Chatham in their fond memories. In the recent years Chatham has been known as a retreat for many reach and famous people. They all choose to come from different reasons, some want to get some peace from the spotlight and others want to experience living in a different area. Among the many famous people that have lived in or nearby Chatham, the following are some of the most popular.

    Taylor Swift – the famous singer bought a house back in 2012. She lived briefly for a year and later sold it for a profit of around million dollars.

    John F. Kennedy – loved American president who had a private property on Cape Cod. He regularly visited the place for decades, enjoying the beauty and peaceful surroundings.

    Meg Ryan – one of the most popular US actresses lived in numerous rented homes in Cape Cod. She mostly spent her time in Falmouth, but interesting fact is that Meg Ryan`s father was long time a school teacher in Chatham.

    Dan Aykroyd – the famous comedian, actor, producer and screenwriter has lived in a house on Martha`s Vineyard for many years.

    Harry Connick, Jr. – this actor/singer and former American Idol judge has a summer home in Chatham that he regularly visits. Many people have seen Connick walking around town and interacting with ordinary people every summer.

    Tommy Hilfiger – the fashion designer has owned an estate in the area for the past thirty years. His mansion is full of great things, but after he got divorced the property was put on sale.

    The Farrelly Brothers – movie directors Bobby and Peter Farelly own several homes on the Cape. Besides directing, they are also known as former writers of the comedy show ‘Seinfeld’.

    Elin Hilderbrand – Hildebrand is a famous novel writer that has a home in Nantucket. Her novels have been frequently placed on New York Times bestseller lists and their storylines are mostly based in Nantucket.

    Carly Simon and James Taylor – this musical pair has lived on Martha`s Vineyard for almost a decade. The famous 70s couple split in the 80s, but Simon kept living on Martha`s Vineyard ever since.

    Robby Benson – Benson is another popular actor that performed during the 70s and 80s in the past century. He has stared alongside Paul Newman and was star in classic movies like ‘Ode to Billy Joe’ and ‘Ice Castles’. He has been living a quiet family life on Cape Cod and is often seen in the area. After retiring as an actor, Benson is now an author and has also released his memoirs back in 2012.

    These were the most famous people that have lived in and around Chatham. Besides these, there are many more other famous people that visit Chatham to enjoy the place and spend some time in rented properties.

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    Public School in Chatham

    Public School System in Chatham

                The public school system in Chatham is under the Monomoy Regional School District. The Monomoy Regional School District is an above average district located in the town of Chatham. Almost 1,900 students are enrolled in this district and the student teacher ratio is 11 to 1. According to Massachusetts test scores, over fifty per cent of the students are proficient in reading and math. The Monomoy Regional School District have shown good results in building good character and knowledge in students in a creative, supportive, and very safe environment.


                Monomoy Regional School District includes the towns of Chatham and Harwich – both located on Cape Cod. The schools in this district include Chatham Elementary School, Monomoy Regional Middle School in Chatham, as well as Harwich Elementary School and Monomoy Regional High School in Harwich. The district has been very proud of the excellent staff, students and school programs they offer, regularly showing positive results in the past years.

    Monomoy Regional School District Report Card

                The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in Massachusetts produces so-called Report Card each year. This Report Card is issued for all school districts in the state of Massachusetts. In the Report Card there is information about the student demographics within the district, qualifications of teachers that work in the district, assessment information, information about school spending, types of academic programs that are offered and many more other valuable things.

                The latest Report Card for the Monomoy Regional School District included many positive things about the district, which shows that public school system in Chatham is one of the best in the state. The school district offers very rich academic program and students have access to arts at much bigger rate than average in state of Massachusetts. Another strength is that Monomoy Regional School District is making steady progress on most accountability measures of Massachusetts. Large number of students enrolled in the Monomoy Regional School District have completed strict program as preparation for graduation. Finally, the students between grades three and eight have shown very high growth and improvement in mathematics and above-average growth in the field of English Language.

                The data in the Report Card is constantly under review, so the schools can easily determine which areas are good and which still need an improvement. Overall the public school system in Chatham is of high quality and the parents can rest assured their children are receiving the best education possible. Variety of programs available, quality teachers, interactive learning and other things make the public school system in Chatham stand out from the rest. Hopefully you will find this information valuable when looking and considering schools for your children. The area in and around Chatham is very peaceful, scenic and quiet, which is ideal for raising a family and enrolling children in the public school system. Some of the best young minds in United States have started their education in Chatham and continued developing academically elsewhere.

  • History

    The History of Chatham


                Chatham is a beautiful small town located in Barnstable County in Massachusetts, US. It sits on the south-eastern top part of Cape Cod and has been historically known for its fishing community. Town of Chatham was first settled by the English in 1664 and was first named Monomoit. Chatham got its status of a town in 1712 when it became popular place for spending summer vacations. Chatham has population of over six thousand people, but the number reaches as many as 25,000 in the summer period when many people come to the place. Chatham is made of four villages that comprise the town – Chatham, North Chatham, South Chatham and West Chatham.

    Chatham`s Old History

                The lands where initially Native Americans lived were called Monomoit, hence that is why the initial name of the town was Monomoit. First explorer to set the foot to Chatham was Samuel de Champlain in 1606. Many other Europeans came and go from the place in the following years, but the English settlers were the first to populate the place in 1664. Historically, Chatham community was famous for fishing, shipping and whaling. Due to the numerous buildings dating back from 18th century, Chatham kept its old charm and regularly attracts thousands of visitors from everywhere.

    Historical Landmarks

                Chatham Lighthouse is one of the most popular landmarks in town, established by former US President Thomas Jefferson in 1808. The original lighthouse from 1808 was replaced with twin lighthouse towers in 1841, but unfortunately both of them got lost due to bad erosion. However, in 1877 the Chatham Lighthouse has been rebuilt and it stands to this day.

                What makes Chatham different town from others in the Cape Cod is that it still has the same old charm since forever. The walkable Main Street is full of nice old buildings and home of many family-owned businesses and shops. The Main Street is also popular shopping place where you can find some nice shops selling all kinds of things, including art crafts and handicrafts from local people.

                Chatham may not have professional and social opportunities like in other places on Cape Cod, but it is still very charming, scenic and quiet place to live and work. Winter period is when town is almost empty, because many people use the town as their summer retreat. Interesting fact is that in the summer months the population of the town goes up to almost thirty thousand people, most of them tourists. Beaches are very crowded then, especially the most popular beach in town – the Lighthouse Beach.

                Among the few historical landmarks in Chatham, the following are the main ones that should not be missed when in town. The Atwood House is the oldest in town, dating back from 1752. Caleb Nickerson House from 1772 is also well-worth visiting, same as the attractive Josiah Mayo House from 1820. Museum lovers and history buffs should check out Chatham Railroad Museum and Marconi Maritime Museum, dating back from 1887 and 1914 respectively.